We are fortunate to host the largest Jewish student population outside of London. Over 1,000 Jewish students attend either Nottingham University or Nottingham Trent University.  We are always delighted to welcome students at NHC and they play an important role in bringing vibrancy and energy both to services and events.

Throughout the year,  Jewish  students and the  community come together to celebrate many religious and cultural events together at Notts Chabad.

Friday night dinners at Chabad attract well over 100 students!

The students have their own Jewish Chaplain on campus as well as Aish HaTorah. Both provide a host of events and ensure that students are looked after during their stay in Nottingham.

NHC’s shul is in the heart of student land for both universities and Chabad, Aish and Chaplaincy are nearby.

For further details of Jewish student life in Nottingham contact Rabbi Mendy Lent who will be pleased to provide you with more details.